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Photograph Resizer Tool

The photograph resizer tool is not required if you are using Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. These browser automatically resize the image before it is uploaded. The resizer tool can however reduce your upload time if you are using Internet Explorer 9 or below.

The photograph resizer tool available here is used to reduce the file size of your photographs to a size suitable for use with our virtual tour service for estate agents before you upload them to our servers. This will speed up the upload process for you.

Please note the photograph resizer tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows only.

Download: Photograph Resizer Tool 475kb

If you are asked whether you want to Open/Run the program or Save it, choose the Save option and store it somewhere on your computer so that you do not need to download it again.

This tool is only available for those with Microsoft Operating systems. For those running on Mac or Linux systems, please use any appropriate tool to resize your photographs down to 400 pixels high, retaining the aspect ratio of the original image. The file must remain in JPEG format. Please note that you do not have to use the resizer tool. It is simply provided to speed up the upload process for some of our customers. If it is not used, photographs will be resized by our servers once they are received. Using the Resizer Tool Before using the program, ensure that you have extracted all the pictures you want to upload from your camera and have stored them somewhere on your computer, renaming them if you want to something more meaninful than the default filenames that your camera provides. Please see here for an FAQ on renaming your photographs.

  1. Run the Resizer tool by clicking on its Icon.
  2. Click on the 'Find' button to locate where your pictures are stored.
  3. Navigate the dialog box until you can see the photograph filenames.
  4. Hold down the shift or control keys on your keyboard in order to multiple select the photographs that you wish to resize. Click on Open.
  5. You should now see the photographs that are going to be resized in the list below the find button.
  6. Click on the 'Resize' button. A message will appear when the resizing is complete. Click on Ok to close the message and close down the program.

Please Note: Your original photographs remain untouched. Smaller versions have been created in the same locations as the originals, with an 'vto_' prefix in their name. It is these photographs that you should use to upload to our servers. Also remember that you can batch select as many photographs as necessary with this tool. You do not need to just select the photos for one scene or slideshow - instead you can select all the photographs that you intend to upload to our servers.

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