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Using Other Third Party Methods Of Capturing Panoramic Photographs

There are numerous other methods which allow you to capture panoramic scenes using a variety of equipment. All you need to know with regard to compatibility with our system is that the resulting panoramic image should be a single image captured in rectilinear format. This is simply a wider than normal photograph. Make sure your image is in JPEG format.

More and more options are gradually becoming available to help you capture panoramic scenes - both from various camera manufacturers and also applications on the smartphones which have cameras, such as the iPhone. Many applications are available for download, some of which are free - many of these produce good quality panoramas. Just search for the term 'panorama' on your application portal such as the App Store for iOS to find some examples, and try them out. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and above include a very good panoramic capture mode built right into the phone. Simply click on the camera icon, then select the panorama or pano mode and follow the on-screen prompts.

All of the points raised with regard to capturing your scene with the Sony Sweep Panorama camera is also relevant to this method of capture as well.

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Page last modified on November 06, 2013, at 04:51 PM