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Using The New Sony Sweep Panorama Camera Technology

This is the easiest option and the one which most of our users operate with. A new subsidised Sony Sweep Panorama camera is supplied as part of your first years subscription, and this is used to capture each scene as one complete image. You capture by panning the camera across the scene and the camera performs the stitching internally. You can then review the completed scene before leaving the premises using the built in screen on the camera. When you return to the office to perform the upload to our service, you only have one image to upload for each scene you have captured.

This can be performed easily by hand, but with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Perform the operation from the corner of a room
  • Pan the camera slowly to capture the scene - if your resulting image is jerky or disjointed, this is usually the result of panning the camera too fast.
  • Try to avoid contrasting brightness within the scene itself. If there is a bright area on one part of the scene and a dark area in another, then try to do what you can within the confines of the property to reduce this contrast, such as using the room lighting, blinds, curtains etc to your advantage.
  • Try not to have objects in the foreground close to the camera - the parallax effect can reduce the efficiency of the stitch. Try to avoid capturing a scene which includes moving objects such as cars or people.
  • If you find that the scene you have captured does not have enough height to it, remember that you can use these cameras in portrait orientation. Generally you will capture a greater amount of height using the camera in this mode, with the compromise of a little less width. Bear in mind that you will often need to rotate an image that has been captured in portrait orientation.
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Page last modified on May 16, 2012, at 11:07 PM