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Our online demonstration on the Homepage shows the basics of how the system works. Generally you will stand in the corner of a scene and use a camera or smart phone which captures panoramic images. You then upload these captured scenes to our web service using your own login area, and then publish and share your completed virtual tours with url or web links which you add to other software or sites. You are the photographer and the tours you create are hosted by the Virtual Tour Online service.

This page is dedicated to getting the most out of the system. Specifically it deals with the process of capturing your scenes in the best way possible.

Firstly, there are a few ways to capture your panoramic scenes:

  • Using the new Sony Sweep Panorama camera technology that we supply to new subscribers.
  • Using other third party methods of capturing panoramic photographs, such as other cameras and smartphones which provide similar features and capabilities.
  • Using a standard digital camera without any special features.

Here is a brief overview of each of the above options:

If you have not captured a full width scene or your completed scene has black areas as part of the image, these black areas can be cropped out of the image easily. Within the Virtual Tour Online system, when examining your photos you can use the Crop tool (scissors icon) to crop the image as needed. There is also a Brightness tool which you can use to lighten or darken the image generally if you need to. Some devices such as the iPhone 4S and 5 have cropping and brightness adjustments built right in which you can use before uploading the image to our service.

Images you supply to us should be in the correct orientation and not 'sideways'. If you need to rotate the image this can also usually be achieved by the camera or smartphone application itself. Alternatively both Windows and Mac computers can rotate images with their standard image viewing software built into the operating system.

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